Our Story

About East of Nowhere.

East of Nowhere is a digital art brand founded on the idea of providing quality prints of inspired cartographic artwork.

Cartography is the field of map-making, but it is also a unique discipline that exists at the nexus of science and fine art. Maps have the ability to captivate us because they so perfectly communicate and beautifully portray the landscapes we love. 

At East of Nowhere, we believe maps are not just a niche novelty, but rather they are works of art that help us celebrate our home and our adventures.

About the Founder.

East of Nowhere was founded in 2019 by James Farrell, a Ph.D. geoscientist from Upstate New York. 

James has spent his academic career as a geologic mapper, working primarily in volcanic landscapes such as the highlands of Iceland. He uses mapping as a tool to solve complex geologic problems and has published several scientific articles related to this work. Most recently, James has worked on developing tools for 3D and 4D mapping of active lava flows.

James' extensive experience with maps, joined with his passion for landscapes and digital art, inspired him to create the brand East of Nowhere.