Czechia - Minimalist Map
Czechia - Minimalist Map
Czechia - Minimalist Map
Load image into Gallery viewer, Czechia - Minimalist Map
Load image into Gallery viewer, Czechia - Minimalist Map
Load image into Gallery viewer, Czechia - Minimalist Map

Czechia - Minimalist Map

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This is a 2D map printed on fine art paper.

A beautiful modern shaded relief map of Czechia, digitally stylized to give the appearance of an illuminated landscape.

• Created using high-resolution satellite elevation data (Courtesy: USGS, NASA)

• Stylized with stunning digital hillshading effects (printed in 2D)

• A perfect fit for any home decor theme

Product Details

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Premium Matte Paper:

Our Premium Matte Paper option is a museum-quality poster printed with giclée inks. The thick paper is archival and acid-free with vivid color definition. Paper details:

• 10 mil thick
• 189 gsm weight
• Matte finish

Unframed posters arrive in a shipping tube, allow time to flatten before use.

These are 2D prints - this means the product is flat to the touch



Our lightweight, Alder wood poster frames are a great option for prints ready-to-hang out of the box. Framing service and shipping included in price. Product details:

• Alder, semi-hardwood 3/4″ thick frame
• Lightweight acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware included

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Relief Map FAQs

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Shaded Relief Map FAQs


What goes into making a shaded relief map?

Making a shaded relief map from a vintage map is a multi-step process that involves restoration, color correction, and digital shading. The shading being the most important component of a shaded relief map. This is what makes the landscape appear to jump off the page.

Are the shaded relief maps 3D printed?

Our shaded relief maps are printed on 2D Fine Art Matte Paper. All prints sold on East of Nowhere are 2D, which means they are flat to the touch. 

But they really look 3D!

We take that as a compliment, thank you! The shading technique we use creates an incredibly realistic illusion of a 3D landscape. Even in print, it will appear 3D on your wall.

Why are there shadows on the margins of the map?

This particular shading technique creates the illusion that the map area is elevated relative to the rest of the paper. To do this, shadows are cast both within the map space and on the margins of the map area. These margin shadows are critical, without them the map would look flat and unnatural.

Because the shadows are created with a digitally rendered "sunlight" there are also highlights that pair with the shadows, found on the opposite side. In most cases, we cast a digital "sunlight" from the northwest, so the top and left side margins will have highlights while the bottom and right side will have shadows.


Are the small labels and text legible in print?

Although the shading of vintage maps creates a brilliant piece of visual art, it can interfere with the text on the map itself. Especially in heavily shaded areas, the text may no longer be legible. These maps look stunning in wall art settings, framed or unframed, but are not intended to be used as a reference or browsed at close range as you would an atlas or digital map.

Are the apparent elevation changes to scale?

For all of our relief maps, we exaggerate the elevation scale to create a more dramatic looking landscape. Without this exaggeration, many of the relief maps would look nearly flat.

Could you print these in 3D?

We really wish 3D printing technology could handle such detailed and multi-color prints as the ones we design. But our museum-quality prints are stunning regardless. 

What about the raised relief maps I remember from grade school?

The plastic raised relief maps we all remember from our childhood were incredible teaching tools, and have made a lasting impression. However, these maps have been out of production since the 1990s and furthermore would not make for fine wall art. 

Where can I learn more about this all?

Wikipedia has an excellent article on Terrain Cartography, a great starting point for those looking to learn about the subject:

This is all a bit complicated, I am looking for something simpler...

No problem, check out our Vintage Topographic Maps Collection!



General FAQs

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General FAQs

How long until I receive my order?

Each product is printed on demand so that you receive a brand new print instead of one that has been sitting on a shelf. Production times will vary, but orders will typically be shipped out within 1-3 business days with longer wait times occurring during the holiday season (November and December). During the holidays, there will be clearly advertised deadlines to ensure your product arrives on time. Please read our update about the effect of COVID-19 on production and shipping timetables.

Are the relief maps 3D printed?

All of our maps are printed on high quality 2D media (e.g. matte paper) and thus are flat to the touch. The incredibly realistic shading creates the illusion of 3D art, even at close range. Read more about our relief maps here

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We currently offer free shipping worldwide! To facilitate efficient delivery of international orders, we utilize partner facilities in the EU and Australia. We are not responsible for any customs fees incurred upon delivery.

Where are the prints produced?

All domestic orders are printed in the USA. We also partner with printing agencies in the EU and Australia to facilitate quicker shipping times for international orders. 

What shipping service do you use?

We primarily use USPS for shipment of domestic orders. International orders are shipped using various services depending on the destination country. 

Can I order a custom map?

Creating custom maps is how we got started and is still one of our favorite activities. As our business has grown, the volume of custom map requests has also grown significantly. Although we cannot accommodate all requests, we love to hear new ideas for maps. 

What is your return policy?

We offer 30-day, no-hassle returns on all unframed prints. No questions asked, if you don't like it just send it back to us. Unfortunately, we cannot take returns on any framed prints. Read more about our return policy here

Do you offer a warranty for products misprinted or damaged in transit?

In the rare case your product was misprinted or damaged during shipping, reach out to us via our contact page and we will get a new print out as soon as possible. Be sure to send photographs of the full print, the damage, and the packing slip. 

Do you work with wholesale partners?

We are happy to offer wholesale rates for select retail partners. Reach out to us via our contact page for more information.

Why is there an anachronism on my vintage map?

The date printed on the Vintage Topographic maps is an approximate date that reflects the original publication. Sometimes, old maps are reprinted and small changes are made (e.g. addition of an airport) that don't fit the time period of the original publication. Additionally, in the mosaic process, multiple maps are brought together that may have been published at slightly different times. If you are interested in more technical information about the historic topo maps, reach out by email and I will answer any questions. 


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